Farm Succession Planning

Steve & Spencer Steinman allows you to:

  • retire comfortably with guaranteed funds for your retirement.
  • enable your farm to be passed on from one generation to the next.
  • have money available for the transaction at all times to avoid delayed settlement.
  • have every member of your family taken care of.
  • continue to grow and develop while improving your lifestyle.
  • eliminate the need for borrowing from the bank for the process of farm succession.
  • have all transactions carried out in a tax neutral way.
  • have agreements that outline the future and are signed off by all parties.
  • have a flexible farm succession plan that can be changed as your personal circumstances inevitably do.

Steve & Spencer will work with the family to ensure a plan is in place:  who is to inherit what, when, and the process to achieve it all.

Complimentary 1 Hour Consultation with Steve & Spencer.

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